The Miller Brothers create fiction+music

Chris Miller is a composer and musician. Here is his music on Bandcamp.

Craig Miller is an author who writes fantasy and horror fiction under the name CD Miller.

We created the serial novel Dark Heights, which was published in 2019 on Serial Box with an Audiobook read by Julia Whelan, Dion Graham, and Neil Hellegers, featuring all original music by Chris. Serial Box morphed into Realm, and they are now producing Dark Heights as a podcast, available wherever you get your podcasts.

Substack is our home for showcasing the collaborative work that we do—starting with Wailea Beach, a heartbreaker novel that features original compositions written and performed on piano by Chris as an accompaniment to each and every chapter, written by Craig. New chapters and new music will be posted regularly.

In order to access Wailea Beach, the novel and the music, along with the community discussion around it, we humbly ask for a paid subscription at $5/month or $30/year (half price, yeah?). In essence it’s like opening the door to our workspace where Chris and I are developing this content.

Wailea Beach is our response to the year 2020 and the last few years of life on the planet. The novel does not pull its punches. The music, on its own, is so gorgeous it’s unfair.

We invite you to join us here on Substack for all things Miller Brothers.

Be seeing you.