All About Dark Heights

The adventure continues

Well hello there! It’s been a while!

We’ve got all kinds of news to share. First of all, yes we are working on the next chapter of Wailea Beach, and yes, it’s taking forever. There will be so much more Wailea Beach, don’t worry.

Which brings us very quickly to all the news about Dark Heights.


You may be aware that Serial Box picked up Dark Heights a few years back and did the audiobook for it and all that. It was an adventure, transforming our little self-published serial novel with music into something that way more people would consume. Safe to say Chris and I learned a lot from the experience. This would be a good place to mention how great everyone at Serial Box has been. They have consistently backed Dark Heights from the beginning with a passion and excitement almost equal to ours.

Well, Serial Box is no more.

They re-branded themselves into something called Realm. The big shift is that they’re no longer just an audiobook platform. It’s all about podcasts. Realm is now more like a production company. And their content is fiction podcasts, available everywhere. It’s a huge change!

And they’re bringing Dark Heights with them.

In fact, Season 1 of Dark Heights is now available as a podcast, wherever you get your podcasts, for example, on Apple. You can go listen to it right now, for free. They’ll be putting out the episodes weekly. It’s kind of like a re-release of Season 1, now available to a lot more people than before. Which is very exciting. When Chris and I first put out Dark Heights, it was free on our own site, and so there’s something nicely full-circle about it being free, once again.

And that’s not all.

Are you ready?

Dark Heights will return for a Season 2. Produced by Realm and available as a podcast.

Then there will be a Season 3. A season 4. And a season 5.

Four more seasons of Dark Heights will be coming to you over the next couple of years.

Realm decided they wanted the full story completed exclusively with them, produced by them, written by me (I guess that’s obvious), with music by Chris.

Dark Heights found its home.

It’s exciting and honestly a bit surprising that Realm went all-in with the story that I wanted to tell, giving me four more seasons to tell it. For anyone who’s read Season 1 or listened to it, there’s a wealth of plotlines and characters I had only just started to explore. Chris and I always wanted the world of Dark Heights to be vibrant and alive, complex, with a depth to it that would reward multiple listens and engagement. I think we’ll be able to achieve that, while bringing out the conflicts of the story in a major way with some truly spectacular twists and flourishes.

So that’s what we’ve been working on, these last couple of months. Instead of Wailea Beach. Season 2. It’s kind of eclipsed everything else, but honestly, it’s hard to express how exciting all of this is.

I can’t wait for y’all to find out what we’ve got in store for you.

It’s going to be awesome.

See you soon Substackers,

All the best,