First Day of School

Debut album, Into the Trees, now on Bandcamp

Here it is! Here it is! Here it is!

Hi y’all. We are beyond excited tonight.

First Day of School has released its debut album, Into the Trees, on Bandcamp. Click on the album title right there. Go grab it! Like right now!

You may recall, buried in our last podcast, I kind of let the cat out of the bag that Chris and our special guest Matt Werm were about to release an album that they’d been working on for a few years now. Well that day has arrived.

I don’t even know where to begin to talk about this album, these songs, this music. I love it so much. How ‘bout we start there.

They’ve hit on a lush kind of widescreen post-rock that I could listen to endlessly. Chris’s synth and piano soundscapes ease you into another world where Matt’s masterful, soaring guitarwork delivers anthemic bliss. It’s a storytelling album exploding with ideas. Right at the heart of it there’s a perfect bittersweet pairing of elation and regret. A reminder that always, after we’ve flown to heroic heights, we return to our lives, and what was sacrificed for idealism carries a loss that shadows the aftermath.

This album has been my soundtrack for everything since Chris and Matt have been sharing the songs with me. I hope that you, too, will fall in love with Into the Trees, the debut album by First Day of School, as much as I have.