Let's Show Apple Podcasts Who's Boss

Mission: Rate & Review Dark Heights

This is your first mission. Yes you, the possessors of iPhones or Macs or whatever it is Apple is manufacturing these days instead of honestly-priced laptops and cellphones. Or cars.

Dark Heights needs you!

Dark Heights needs ratings!!

Dark Heights needs reviews!!!

Dark Heights calls upon you, the supporting community of all things Miller Brothers, to please take a moment to go to Dark Heights on Apple Podcasts and pretty please give it a Star Rating (5) and even better, a very quick review, something like, “This is the best thing ever, I need it more than oxygen, I legally changed my name to Tess Bellamy and I’m a man, I have a tattoo of Majeaux’s Tarot card on my…. somewhere….”

You know what’s actually really cool? Dark Heights hit #27 in the US a few weeks ago for Podcasts: Fiction / Drama. Right now it’s sitting at #31. Pretty great for us little guys, don’t you think? Yeah. Pretty great.

In all seriousness, it would be awesome if anyone who uses Apple stuff could help us out by dropping a Star Rating and Review. All of that real human evidence of someone enjoying Dark Heights goes a long, long way to bringing in more listeners, and hopefully more fans of Dark Heights, as we head into Season 2 sometime end of this year / maybe early next year, not entirely sure yet, then Seasons 3-5.

A big preemptive thank you to everyone who finds a moment of time to do this! And if ya don’t, we love you anyways and thanks for being here for all things Miller Brothers.

—CD Miller