The Miller Brothers are Here

we create fiction+music

Welcome to The Miller Brothers on Substack!

We are Chris Miller, a composer and pianist; and Craig Miller, a writer, who publishes fantasy and horror fiction under the name CD Miller. Together we collaboratively create fiction+music, including the serial novel Dark Heights which has its Season One published on Serial Box.

We are making a home here on Substack in order to have a central place to post about the work we are doing, for example the second part of Dark Heights, arriving soon on its original site. Also, we are going to be publishing, here on Substack, exclusively, the heartbreaker novel Wailea Beach, with its music. This will be paid content and you will need a subscription to access it.

We really look forward to having you as part of our community of readers/listeners, fans and supporters. Please feel welcome here and keep a lookout for email announcements about livestream performances from Chris, exclusive Q&A sessions with The Miller Brothers, and of course the ongoing publication of Wailea Beach.